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Go Ponies to Show Ponies: Following Kylee Casey and Her Two OTTBs

Kylee, purchased her first OTTB pretty freshly off the track in 2017, a chestnut mare named Danielle Deer as a Junior rider. With a focus on eventing, Kylee quickly realized the importance of starting the weekend with a top dressage score. In 2021, she attended a dressage clinic taught by Emily at Lisa Baker's farm, Majestic Acres just outside of Bristol, TN.

Kylee recalls taking her heart horse to the clinic, and states "Emily was extremely helpful for me and even helped me rise through the levels in not only dressage but eventing as well by giving me good base knowledge as well as knowledge for riding a test." Kylee proved to be an outstanding student and always did her homework and showed up to the next clinic well prepared for the "next step."

With the help of the Miramonte Equine team, Kylee's "first OTTB became second chance thoroughbred of the year, Junior Training Thoroughbred of the year and overall runner up Thoroughbred of the year all in 2022." Kylee and Dani continue to climb the levels of the sport, with a strong focus on their dressage. This team also stepped into straight dressage land and after scoring into the 70's at 2nd Level, are preparing for their 3rd Level debut.

Kylee then purchased a second OTTB in 2023. This outstanding gelding is named Keyed on Top and is already making waves on the eventing scene. Since Kylee restarted him in dressage and eventing he has gained a ton of confidence and even placed top 5 at his first event.

Kylee continues to study dressage as well as pursue her jumping education. She says the workload proves to be trivial to her horses and that "Miramonte and Emily have helped so much in keeping my restarted Thoroughbreds happy, calm, and correct through dressage day to day!"



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