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Painted Desert

(Sempatico M x Green Desert x Mr. Pospector)

**Update: This sweet mare took home the Reserve Champion Title for FEI I-1 at Regionals! She put in a solid and rideable test, putting her ahead of a large and competitive group of quality horses.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the dream FEI horse that anyone can ride. Painted Desert, aka Teika, is a one-in-a-million 8 year old who is successfully showing I-1   and schooling all of the Grand Prix Questions. She is the same horse every single day, with a wonderful worker attitude and incredible trainability. 

She rides the exact same off the farm in new places as she does in her home arena. Literally anyone can ride this horse: Juniors, Young Riders, AA Women, Professionals, Walk/trot students etc. She is super uncomplicated to ride and is consistent in the contact and responsive to leg. All of the movements seem simple for her, and they are becoming easier and easier as she gains strength in the harder work.  Teika has point and shoot flying changes, easy lateral work and a super fun expressive extended trot.

This horse could easily earn someone their Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. Judges love her (as does everyone else who meets her). She is such a worker bee in the show ring, she always gives 100% and never lets you down. She hacks out on the buckle, both in a group or alone. She is extremely  easy to handle and loves attention and grooming. Easy in the snaffle or double bridle.

We have the developing horse program in sights for this super horse next season and have no doubts that she will finish to the Grand Prix easily and remain just as rideable. 

2012 | 16.2hh | Oldenburg | Mare | Bay Tobiano