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Currently offering several fantastic horses for sale. Please click the 'contact us' tab and submit an inquiry for further information on any of the horses listed below. 


Toronado CWF - Sweet Amateur Friendly Gelding with Smooth Gaits  


Toronado CWF

(Donadio H x Kitten)

Proudly offering for your consideration: Toro,  a safe and lovely IALHA gelding. Torro is a sweetheart by nature and tries very hard to please his rider. He is reliable with smooth gaits and would make a wonderful mount for an Adult Amateur or Young Rider. Toro is currently schooling all of 1st level and starting on 2nd level, including leg yield and has started on both haunches-in and shoulder-in. Toro can do solid counter canter and has started some lateral work in the canter as well. He is responsive to aids, yet quite sensible. He comes into the arena everyday to go to work, but also enjoys hacking out.

This awesome horse will progress quickly in the right program and is showing a super ability for lateral work. He should progress nicely through the levels and will make a safe and fun mount while doing so!

2009 | 14.1hh | IALHA | Gelding | Grey

Price: $7,500



Buffy Longfellow - Uncomplicated and Fancy Young Horse

Buffy Longfellow

(Feiner Prinz x Just a Cat x General Assembly)

Proudly offering for sale this fun and trainable Trakehner mare. Buffy has been correctly started and is going well under saddle. She is solidly walk, trot, canter and is started lightly over fences. Buffy is easy in the contact and has a good understanding of the leg. She is eager to learn and shows a great talent for lateral work, with the ability to leg yield and do a green shoulder-in. This sweet mare is quite brave and shows a propensity towards jumping as well. She could be quite competitive as a Hunter and would definitely be a show stopper as an event horse.

Buffy is proving to be Amateur Friendly in her temperament and rideability and in the correct program, she will be such a fun and versatile mount for a variety of riders. Buffy has three elastic gaits and is very comfortable to sit on. She gives the rider a great feeling and it's easy to feel and see how she is going to progress forward with her training. Buffy is nicely forward, but is not tense or quick. She is soft in the contact, but gives a good feel to both reins. This is an opportunity to own a talented young horse that will be a pleasure to train along. 

Buffy is aimed to start horse showing early in 2019 and her price will increase with training and horse show experience.

2015 | Currently 16.1HH and Growing | Trakehner | Mare | Bay

Price: $25,000 

Video of Buffy:


Image ofa Prince - Incredibly Trainable OTTB Gelding with Upper Level Potential

Image ofa Prince

(Spensive x Well Decorated x Native Royalty)

Offering for your consideration, Fred, a super fun and talented OTTB gelding. This cool horse is a pleasure to ride, as he is easy in the contact and responsive to seat and leg aids. Fred is schooling 2nd level movements and is always eager to learn new things. He has a good grasp on counter-canter and shoulder-in. Leg yields are straight-forward and he has started half-pass work. Fred has three clean and elastic gaits and is showing a wonderful ability to both extend and collect. 

Fred would be best suited for an experienced rider. We believe he has the potential to go to the upper levels with the right partner. This is the perfect horse for a professional on a budget to develop. He learns quickly, retains what he is taught and has the physical ability to move through the levels quickly and correctly.

Price to increase as training progresses.

2011 | 16HH | JC | Gelding | Grey

Price: $9,500


Video of Fred:


Tookit - Video and Pictures coming soon!

(First Defense x Mujadil x Indian King)

Chance in a lifetime to find that “ideal young horse.” One of a kind coming 5 year old.

This cool horse is trainable, rideable, and fun. He is light in the contact, responsive to the leg, goes forward without being quick or tense, and is easy to sit. He is schooling shoulder in, haunches in, leg yield and half pass. Tookit has 3 correct gaits and is a blast to ride. He is the same horse every day and comes into the ring with a workman like attitude.

If you want to leave the ring, he does that too! Hacks out alone or in a group. Extensive trail riding experience in mountains, through obstacles, over bridges etc.

He is currently barefoot and is simple to have around. Safe for an AA or Jr/YR, but trainable enough that a pro could easily get this horse to PSG in 2 years.

Tookit is ridden easily by older AA women, 13 yo kids, and FEI dressage trainers. This is a special one that deserves the best home and someone who will really appreciate his heart. He is so willing and is a dream horse for someone!

2014 | 16.1hh | JC | Gelding | Bay

Price: $17,500